Patented Customer Insights To--Grow Revenue, Expand Locations, Stop Guessing


Grow Your Revenue

Payment Insights can help you grow your revenue by getting more of your best, most profitable customers.

Not all customers are the same. There are certain customer types that frequent your store more often and who buy more when they come in. Who these best customer types are is often quite different than who you think they are.

Our patented, proprietary system can provide you valuable insights on who they are (age, stage of life, income levels, their values, preferences, even where they live).

With this information, you can tailor what you offer to cater to and attract more of these best, most profitable customers.

For example, one merchant discovers that 35% of their revenue is coming from 3 customer types that account for only 15% of their customer base.

As a result of this new understanding, they begin reorienting their store layout, product offerings and placements, even their loyalty program to cater more to the preferences of these best customers.

In another example, a merchant learns from our data that they have different customers on the weekdays [local families of modest means] compared to weekends [empty nesters with high disposable income].

As a result of these insights, they are now using different promotions and specials on different days to better attract (and maximize profitability) per day.

Our propriety data helps you discover what customer types are coming on any given day or time. Our dashboard makes it easy to see who comes in the most often, who spends the most money when they do come in, and what makes them tick.

While your competitors are guessing at who their customers are, what to offer them, and generally trying to be all things to all people, you can now know for certain who you really want and how to get more of them... increasing your revenue per location per day.


Smarter Expansion

Guidance on the best potential places to start new locations, already populated with your best, most profitable customers.

Not only could you more accurately target your advertising and promotions, you could even identify the most fertile areas to start new locations.

For example, a merchant could look in their dashboard and discover a pocket of their best customers driving 20+ minutes to come to their current location. That location could be ripe for a new location.

Here’s why: The area is already pre-seeded with some of your best customers. These fans of yours will be eager to spread the word to friends and neighbors in the area about the grand opening of your business in their area.

You can also use these insights to obtain detailed information on where these customer types are located both inside and outside your metropolitan area.

Instead of guessing on where to open a new location, based on guesses as to who you have a hunch is your best core customers... you can now know. This knowledge can significantly increase the odds of success in your expansion efforts.


No More Guessing

No more guessing what might
attract more customers.
Know for sure.

Payment Insights patented system enables you not only to know who your best, most profitable customer types are, but to measure the success (or failure) of your efforts to attract more of them.

For example, you can try offering certain products or menu items that you believe would greatly appeal to your best, most profitable customer types. Then, you can measure the number of transactions or revenue generated by those types for any period of time after the change. No more guessing or assuming.

You can even micro-target and then measure your marketing and advertising. For example, you advertise or do a promotion to a certain part of town (including a specific subdivision or street). Then, you can monitor your dashboard to see if there is an uptick in customers from that area.

You can compare what you spent for the targeting advertising (e.g. $1,250) to that ACTUAL income generated ($8,450) from that target area over the next 3 days, or 2 weeks (or whatever time period).

No more indiscriminate advertising without being able to measure actual results. Payment Insights enables you to do smarter, strategic advertising. Instead of spending countless dollars using “crop dusting” advertising, you can reduce your advertising budget and still insure good, measurable results.


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Payment Insights is an entirely different breed of payment processing company. Instead of being simply an expense to your business (with no return), why not get tools and insights to grow your business?

Our price match guarantee insures you get the same great rate you currently have... but you also get access to patented customer insights to increase your revenue, do smart expansion, and measure your efforts (to insure you are on track).

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